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3-day immersive couples retreat

Learn to surf the waves together

Love and connection are like the ocean waves that ebb and flow. Dive deep and discover the depths of self-exploration

Our 3-day immersive couples retreat

Embark on a transformative 3-day couples retreat, specifically designed to provide you and your partner with a profound exploration of relationships. Our live program, a 3-day journey within a small, intimate group of a maximum of five couples, invites you and your loved one to dive deep into the depths of your relationship.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure of discovery and connection. Dive into the depths of your relationship, ride the waves of transformation and embark on a journey like no other.


To help you to prepare for the program, you will receive documents explaining the risks, contraindications and expectations of a high dose of psilocybin containing truffles, a truffle dosing questionnaire, dietary advice, intention setting and consensus documents for you to review.

A few weeks prior to the live program, you will have several online couples therapy sessions. During this process, we work with you on getting to know your relationship dynamics, underlying patterns, clarifying intentions and the ETI method for couples is introduced. 

Retreat & Dosing

First you will have on-site preparation session with your partner and in a small group. In pairs, and under our supervision, preparation is deepened. On the dosing day there will be a 6-8 hour journey where each individual embarks on an inner journey to connect with the deepest layers of their relationship with themselves and significant others.


This day offers a unique opportunity for each partner to dive deep into their own inner world while remaining connected to their partner in a supportive and empathetic container.


Following the dosing day, there will be integration sessions where you and your partner can share and explore the insights, emotions, and experiences that arose during the inner journey. The ETI method, with its focus on deepening connections, will serve as a foundation for the integration process.

Using a combination of therapeutic techniques, somatic approaches, and experiential exercises, we will guide you and your partner to explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of integration. This holistic approach enables a comprehensive understanding and integration of the transformative experiences into your daily lives and your relationship.

Couples immersive program 

Dive deep during the 3-day live experience, complemented by 7 hours of online couples therapy sessions, before and after the program, ensuring comprehensive support for lasting relationship growth.

Upcoming dates

   17-19 May 2024
   23-25 August 2024

Just as a wave builds and crashes, relationships can experience ups and downs

At ETI, we recognize that waves hold the potential for growth and transformation. Through our psychedelic-assisted couples program, we aim to help couples navigate the crests and troughs of their journey together, forging a stronger bond and uncovering the pearls of wisdom that lie within the shell of oysters.

​Hans and Jeanine, the only licensed and accredited couples therapists in The Netherlands are offering a psychedelic assisted couples therapy. So you and your partner explore the depths of your emotions, vulnerabilities, and shared experiences. 

We feel that riding the waves of a psychedelic-assisted couples retreat is an adventure best shared. In our program, you will have the opportunity to connect with other couples who are on a similar path. Together, you will support each other as you navigate the waters of transformation, finding solace in the shared journey. As you witness the growth and transformations of others, you will be inspired and encouraged in your own relationship journey.

Our couples program is carefully curated to provide a balance between structured therapeutic sessions, immersive psychedelic experiences, and downtime for reflection and integration. The small group size ensures that each couple receives personalized attention and support, enabling a deep exploration of your unique dynamics and challenges. 

You will leave with the following skills & knowledge

Deepened connection: couples report a profound deepening of their emotional and spiritual connection

Enhanced communication: couples gain valuable insights into their communication patterns and learn new tools for effective and compassionate communication.

Resolving relationship challenges: the therapeutic journey can help couples identify and work through relationship challenges, including recurring conflicts, trust issues, or unresolved emotional wounds.

Increased self-awareness: individuals within the couple may develop a deeper understanding of their own emotions, triggers, and patterns of behavior. 

Cultivated empathy and compassion: the shared experience of a psychedelic-assisted retreat can foster a profound sense of empathy and compassion between partners.

Ignited creativity and exploration: psychedelics have the potential to unleash creative expression. Couples can discover a sense of playfulness within their relationship.


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