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  • Why are truffles used?
    We use truffles in our programs as psilocybin containing mushrooms are not legally regulated in the Netherlands. As such, truffles may have a different appearance, yet they share the same active ingredient (psilocybin) with the so-called “magic mushrooms''.
  • How do psychedelic truffles work?
    The active ingredients in psychedelic truffles have a direct effect on the neurotransmitters in your brain. Their effect can lead to increased emotional processes, a reactivation of suppressed memories and feelings and mentally more flexible movement between different perspectives about yourself and life in general. Under supervision, truffles can enable you to temporarily break free from routine thought patterns by exposing yourself to all that you would rather not see. Years of suppressed emotions can come to the surface. Distorted beliefs that keep you trapped in old patterns of conditioning are reframed. Truffles can bring these processes up and make them transparent. This can be confronting, intense and deregulating, but can also be necessary to find your human compass again. As soon as you rediscover your vitality, passion, love, sense of direction and meaning, it will have a huge positive effect on your life.
  • How do truffles feel?
    As with other psychedelics, it is almost impossible to describe the subjective effects because reactions to such molecules can vary greatly from person to person. You can experience a feeling of going into the cavities of your mind, where themes, memories, emotions and behavioral patterns are uprooted and presented to consciousness in strange new ways that can change your view of yourself and of life in general. The experience can be described as mystical, strange, intense, insightful and deeply healing.
  • Are truffles safe?
    When truffles are used in a safe environment, they are very safe. Before you will participate, you will have gone through a screening process to ensure there are no contra-indications. Our dose is between 1 to 1,5 packs (between 22gr to 33gr) of a specific strain to maintain safety and consistent results. This contains around 20-35 mg Psilocybin.
  • Will I be eligible for the truffle experience?
    First you need to complete our mandatory Health Screening Questionnaire. If your Health Screening Questionnaire is approved, we will arrange an online screening session. After the screening (truffle intake form) if there are any doubts, we will (with your consent) discuss the personal medical and psychiatric history that you share with us. If we determine that consuming truffles may lead you to experience unwanted drug interactions and other unintended complications, you will not be able to participate in the truffle programs.
  • Does having a mental health diagnosis mean I cannot join?
    We make decisions on each application on a case-by-case basis. We take care in reviewing the psychological and physical health, medications, etc. in order to assess whether an applicant can be approved to join the program. A number of mental or physical health conditions or the medications that are used to treat these conditions, may interact in potentially risky ways with truffles containing psilocybin. Please provide a detailed description of any diagnoses, so we can take appropriate measures and keep you safe.
  • Are there any conditions that might make me ineligible?
    We cannot accept people who have suffered/are currently suffering from epileptic attacks, psychosis, severe depression, suicidal thought patterns, personality disorder (borderline), bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia. This is for your safety and ours (including other participants), so we strongly recommend you to follow these indications. If you are unsure about what you are experiencing/have experienced, write extensively about it in your application form so we have a higher chance to safely and correctly evaluate your participation. To make sure you are suitable for the program, we do both a psychiatric and psychological screening during our consultation process.
  • What if I have a ‘bad trip’
    It is often the difficult journeys that lead to important breakthroughs and long-term benefits. Difficult experiences can provide great opportunities to see a new perspective. Experienced professionals help to reduce anxiety during the experience. They serve as trusted guides and interpreters. Creating a safe and comfortable environment helps to maximize the effect of treatment. We help you to establish an open, relaxed mindset.
  • How do I need to prepare?
    Download the Field Trip ‘Trip App’ with meditations, breath work and articles around the psychedelic experience You will receive a dietary guide with helpful recommendations on how to nourish your body and mind for the journey ahead No alcohol, drugs a week prior to the dosing session and try to taper down the caffeine intake as well Prepare yourself well by refraining from work the week before the dosing Do activities that you like such as going to a sauna, cycling, reading a book, dancing or creativeness Avoid activities that trigger a lot of stress in you Try to go to bed on time Exercise Spend more time in the nature Connect with supportive friends and family Take time to rest and recharge
  • How many participants will be in my group?
    The small group program consists of a maximum of 8 people to ensure an intimate and secure experience. The program for mental health professionals has a maximum of 8 participants.
  • How many professionals will be there during the ceremony?
    We work with a ratio of one facilitator for every three participants.
  • What happens after the retreat?
    You will be given an integration workbook, to deepen your insights and to remember your experience by. You will also have a follow-up session with Hans or Jeanine. If needed, we have a trusted network for integration therapy. If needed, we have a trusted network of knowledgeable and experienced psychologists for integration therapy
  • What is your policy for medical emergencies?
    The ETI staff consists of a psychiatrist and a psychologist, assisted by other trained facilitators. All of us are trained in first aid and we will have necessary first aid equipment present on-site. We have a safety protocol in place for any emergencies beyond our scope in which extra support can be called onsite. If you have any allergies, we recommend bringing an epi-pen for extra safety.
  • Can I come to the retreat late or leave a day early?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible for participants to arrive a day late or leave a day early. The retreat is constructed in a way to create a safe container for all participants and in which all parts are important for the individual as well as group experience. We also recommend taking some time off after the retreat, a day or more, to allow for a smooth transition back into daily life.
  • How much do your programs cost?
    Our 3-day retreat for small groups: € 2450,- (excl. accommodation and excluding 21% VAT) Our 4-day experiential training for professionals: € 3800,- (incl. accommodation and excluding 21% VAT) Our 3-day exclusive retreat for individuals: € 2900,- (excl. accommodation and excluding 21% VAT) Couples program: price upon request
  • Are the costs covered by the insurance?
    Our truffle retreat and training program are not medical in nature and therefore not recognised as a treatment. The costs of our programs are not reimbursed by insurance companies.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    After booking your retreat you have 14 days to withdraw from the program. The costs of the screening (250 euro) will be settled. The balance of the participation fee is due before the first group session, and our cancellation policy applies. After 14 days, if you cancel your retreat prior to the start of the services, the following cancellation policy applies: Free cancellation up until 2 months 75% fee with cancellation less than 2 months 50% fee with cancellation less than 1 month 100% fee with cancellation less than 2 weeks
  • Where will retreats take place?
    We organize retreats at different locations. Both locations are quiet, comfortable and well suited for inner journeys. One of our retreat locations will be in a quaint location in an old city, Culemborg, situated in the center of the Netherlands and is only one hour drive from Amsterdam. This is a comfortable and secluded place to practice and engage with an altered state of mind. The other retreat location is located in Amsterdam, right in the center of an historic part of the city. At this serene location we have created a safe haven away from the buzz of the city.
  • How do I book a retreat?
    You begin with a screening process by completing a Health Screening Questionnaire where we ask you important questions related to your medical history. This information is reviewed by our team. If your Health Screening Questionnaire is approved, you’ll be invited to an online intake session with one of our psychologists and with one of the co-founders. After that we are able to ensure it’s safe for you to participate in the program and you will receive an invitation to book your retreat. In the case of open registration (business to consumer (B2C)), a cooling-off period of 14 days applies after booking your retreat.
  • What is included in my retreat?
    All retreats include the following: Healthy meals starting from lunch on your first day and ending with lunch on your last day 1 online preparatory group session 1 in-person preparatory group session 3-day retreat for small groups: one psychedelic ceremony 4-day program for mental health professionals: one psychedelic ceremony as as participant and one as co-facilitator 1 in-person integration group session 1 online post-integration group session Integration workbook Experiential training including emergency protocol training, and preparation, facilitation, and integration practices individually and with groups If you have booked your 3-day retreat in Amsterdam, you can choose your own preferred accommodation. We can recommend the following hotels in the area: NH hotel museum quarter Conservatorium hotel The College hotel Pestana Sir Albert Okura The Muse B&B The Weavery Notting Hill NH hotel and Sir Albert are closest to the retreat location.
  • Will I get a certificate?
    We are happy to provide you with a certificate of attendance from Experiential Training Institute.
  • Will I get PE (Permanent Education) points?
    We are honoured to be the first accredited training institute in the Netherlands, that can provide you with 21 Permanent Education points if you are member of NvP, NIP or FgzPT.
  • Will my personal data be kept safe and confidential?
    ETI keeps all personal information confidential. All health data is stored with restricted access to protect the privacy of all individuals that complete the Health Screening Questionnaire.
  • Where can I look up your Terms & Conditions?
    The Terms & Conditions are part of your participation agreement to be signed by you whenever you are eligible to join one of our programs. This will be sent to you separately.


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