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personal program

Profound inner work

Are you ready to confront yourself on the deepest level and to really look into your unique mirror?

Our individual program

In our individual program, you will get exclusivity, full discretion and our undivided attention. We call this program 'leadership coaching’ because you will be talking about and with your internal family, which part of you is the true leader, and why.

If you want to align yourself with deeper truths, values and purpose, or if you want to increase your visionary perspective and creative thinking, this program might be for you. While every therapeutic psychedelic experience provides unique results, you can count on having new clarity and perspective and you will learn what you can do to increase your personal growth.

What we aim for is to help participants to find their own tools for fulfilment and happiness in life and work. Happiness is experienced when you can use your talents, when you sail your own course, when you are inspired, when you feel connected with your environment, and when you can see setbacks and problems as opportunities to grow, to develop further, to become wiser.

After the psychedelic journey, we will make meaning of what came up for you and explore together, how you can implement new insights into your daily life.

Your psychedelic truffle experience may include relief from ordinary worries and thoughts, whilst accessing our deeper fears and exploring the voices and behaviors of your different parts. All will be explained to you in detail during our personal preparation calls. This program is personalized and can only be booked for a single participant or for small groups of 1-4 participants that already know each other.

If you are interested, please contact us directly. We can arrange suitable dates for you or your group.

Individual program

Everyone is a leader. A leader of your inner landscape who may or may not be in touch with their inner compass. Our programs are developed towards finding your compass, to dispel all the fog that has built up in your life around your own wisdom and sense of direction.

Leadership, career and life questions

In our view, work and home can be distinguished but not separated. Being uninspired in your work has repercussions at home, and relationship problems affect your professional functioning.

When wondering about deep life questions, we mean all the questions you really need to consider: questions about meaning, stress or burn-out that require a thorough reorientation, a crisis in your work or personal life, being confronted with the unwanted on your path, loss of a position, of certainties, of health, of a loved one, a divorce.

But even without acute problems, people can have a life question: how do I find my inner compass, how do I make more room for my feelings, how do I show more of my authentic self in personal and professional contacts, how do I learn to recognise and guard my boundaries better? Our 3-day deep dive program for individuals, differ radically from traditional leadership programs. Experiencing is believing.

Frequently used intentions

I want to get to know myself better; who am I really, what can I do and what do I want to do

I would like to connect my head and my heart more

How can I find a good balance between leadership and an authentic vulnerable attitude

How can I grow in my leadership and become a true leader

How can I find my creativity and increase my openness

What do I have to learn

How can I realise my full potential and feel fulfilled in life

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