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Mental Health Professionals

4-day experiential 

Professional and personal growth

We believe that going through a psychedelic experience yourself, is essential to understanding the power of the medicine

Our 4-day experiential training

This immersion program is designed to educate the broader health care community. Experiential training is a component of training in which therapists experience the transformative process of a high dose of truffles containing psilocybine, and apply their insights to their own lives and to their professional work with others.

Learning about the potential of psychedelics is in great demand, yet experiencing the importance of preparation, set, setting and integration first-hand, is not always available.


To help prepare you for the training, you will receive documents explaining the risks, contraindications and expectations of a high dose of psilocybin containing truffles, a truffle dosing questionnaire, dietary advice, intention setting and consensus documents for you to review.

Two weeks prior to the training, you will have an online preparation session. After this process, we work with you on getting to know your internal family, clarifying intentions and flight instructions are shared.

Retreat & Dosing

First you will have on-site preparation sessions with your group, you will also be paired with a colleague. In pairs, and under our supervision, preparation is deepened. On the dosing days there will be a 6-8 hour dosing session where you will have the opportunity to have a personal dosing session, as well as act as a co-facilitator for your colleagues’ session. Each dosing day, you will switch roles. 

The dosing experience will be led by a psychologist, psychiatrist and teaching assistants (all experienced psychologists). They will act as primary facilitators for the session so you can focus on the role of facilitator on the day you are not journeying. The session is enriched by dedicated music.

At the end of the journey, there will be room to share experiences. Integration techniques are taught en learned by experiencing.


Once your psychedelic journey is complete, you will get the opportunity to learn how to integrate your insights from the journey in your day-to-day life. You will reflect on your different ‘selves’ and how to integrate parts of you that showed up during your journey.

We will talk about your values in life and deepen your embodiment of the journey with experiential techniques such as breath work. We will discover what new paths have unfolded and how to implement changes.

The experiential learning consists of live demonstrations and role plays for skill building. Through sharing circles we will learn from each other. Two weeks after the retreat you will have a continued online integration session, to further see what new behaviors your insights invite.

Professionals program

This training has been accredited by the NvP, NIP and FGzPt. Those clinicians registered will get 21 education points (PE) when completing this program.

Exploring psychedelics in relationship & family therapy

Our 2-day accredited training (NVVS, NVRG)

Learn more about the therapeutic possibilities of incorporating psychedelics into relationship and family therapy. Join our 2-day training, led by Jeanine Souren and Hans van Wechem, designed for professionals including system therapists, sexologists, and psychotherapists. This program equips you with insights into leveraging psychedelics for emotional connection, personal growth, and enriched communication within relationships. Delve into the effects, risks, legal status and ethical considerations of integrating psychedelics into therapeutic contexts. Taking place on February 20-21 2024 in ’s Graveland, this interactive training blends theory, hands-on exercises, and peer engagement to deepen your understanding and elevate your practice. Limited spots available.

Get first-hand experience

with non-ordinary states of consciousness

We work with a step-by-step, professional approach to the use of psychedelics. This includes preparatory sessions and integrative therapy sessions, we use a specific set of therapeutic interventions before and after the psychedelic experience which enhance the effects of a deep inner journey. Some of these modalities include breath work, art therapy, shadow work and Internal Family Systems and Family constellations, Schema Focused Therapy and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

Our training programs are in group format as this is the most optimal way to experience being a facilitator as well as being a client. We are very mindful of the conditions (set and setting) in which the psychedelic experience takes place. Our retreat locations ensure an intimate and secure experience, with a ratio of one facilitator to one participant.

A shared space offers a special kind of holding; there is a felt collective wisdom, almost like a group presence that can feel like a personal guide. All facilitators are supervised by our medical team.

You will leave with the following skills & knowledge

You will be able to use your personal psychedelic experience as a catalyst for therapeutic efficacy

First-hand knowledge of the importance and delicacy of therapeutic touch

How psychedelic therapy differs from traditional therapies

How to use your psychedelic experience as a resource

How to go about increased intimacy between client and therapist

You will receive a certificate of Experiential Training Institute


Start strengthening yourself and

your relationships today

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Start strengthening yourself

and your relationships today

Upcoming dates

  27-30 May 2024 (IPI Experiential)

  24-28 June 2024

  23-27 September 2024

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