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What we do

Our approach

Oyster metaphor

We like to use the Oyster analogy. When you go in a deep sea of psychedelic experience we invite you to search for Oysters, because inside is often a pearl. The shell of the oyster can be our coping, our protection from vulnerability. Underneath the layers of vulnerability and shame is sometimes a pearl. Formed by a transformation process. What was painful and what was gritty gets turned into something precious. This pearl can be seen as the insight, the meaning of something difficult. 

In a psychedelic experience you dive into the sea. See the waves, the upper sea level as life in general and diving deeper as the psychedelic experience. The surface waves are chatter of the day to day life, your to do list etc.

When you dive deeper perhaps you see oyster shells in the seabed. As you can see oyster shells are quite ugly and spikey. The shell of the oyster can be our coping, our protection from vulnerability. Inside it’s slimy in that oyster, this represents the vulnerability, the trauma, the shame, the guilt, the things we do not want to touch, we don’t want anybody to see.

That is why we create the shell around us. We keep the vulnerability locked away in a close shell. Underneath the layers of vulnerability and shame is sometimes a pearl. What was painful and what was gritty gets turned into something precious. Here we can find meaning (the pearl) of what was difficult.

Accept - Connect - Embody

The ACE model was developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Rosalind Watts as a way to help people make sense of their deep psychedelic journey, and take the learning to integrate findings into their daily life. The different phases in the ACE model are: let go – sense – feel – self – meaning – intention.

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How we work

We speak from the heart and the brain, both with curiosity, attention to detail, creativity and passion. Our way of working combines traditional and contemporary approaches, taking into account the layers of awareness, soul, heart, mind and body.

Both Jeanine and Hans are trained in various therapeutic modalities. They respect that altered states of consciousness influence suggestibility and they are very careful not to intervene unless this is necessary to prevent harm.

Jeanine and Hans have years of experience in working with psychedelics, altered states of consciousness and dealing with difficult emotions on both a personal and professional level. They agree with Stanislov Grof, that the essential attribute of the therapist is not the knowledge of specific techniques, but their own level of consciousness development, their degree of self-knowledge and their ability to participate without fear in the intense and extraordinary experiences of another person.

Hans and Jeanine both have the willingness to face new observations and situations that may not fit any conventional theoretical framework. They know well that shadow work and taking ownership of parts of us that we may or may not be aware of, is part of the process. They believe that a high dose psychedelic session can be used to jumpstart psychotherapy, and at the same time, should not be seen as a one-time magic bullet. Due to their medical background they are able to offer a psychotherapeutic context, which is essential for safety and efficacy. They understand what happens when unconscious trauma’s show up and how to enable someone to process.

We believe

Ultimately, you are the medicine. While psychedelics can act as a powerful catalyst, it is the relationships with yourself, others and the context that heal. The commitment to your own process is what makes the biggest difference, more than the guidance or the psilocybin containing truffles itself.

Unique aspects of


There are some unique differences in working with psychedelics compared to regular therapy or coaching.

The length of a psychedelic session is much longer (about 4-6 hours) than a “traditional” psychotherapeutic session. The model is based on the concept of “the inner healing intelligence” meaning that healing is not an external but an internal process trusting the innate wisdom of the body. Healing can only take place when the conditions are right.

During the altered state of consciousness, one can experience a heightened vulnerability, requiring ethical considerations around touch, speech and relational dynamics. Therefore a safe set (is the participant able to integrate whatever might come up?) and setting (how safe is the context in which the experience takes place?) is of utmost importance.

Music is an essential part of the experience, as it serves as a vehicle to enter and change mental landscapes.

How we guide your process

Intentions, expectations and outcomes are part of the process. We begin the process with clear intentions, yet welcoming flexibility to follow the flow with whatever unfolds during the experience. We revisit the intentions during the integration process, to see how we can bridge outcomes of the journey with the intentions set beforehand.

During the preparation process, we work with you to get a deeper understanding of who you are and your life-path. We look at guilt, shame and patterns together with you and how to get behind the concepts of right and wrong. We want you to enter a journey as a curious scientist, seeing a new mental landscape for the first time and letting the judgements behind.

During the integration process, we enter the meaning-making stage. This is kept open-ended; the aim is to broaden the experience, including a felt sense. We support you to actively engage in making sense of our experience, work through insights and translate them in your daily life. How to embody the experience, to make lasting connections and to bring awareness in your daily life are all topics we work with.

We integrate psychedelic education with a broad variety of expressive, art and other reflective techniques to guide you through an inter-, intra- and transpersonal experience that can awaken expanded forms of consciousness.


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A powerful way to explore your inner selves

We believe in a holistic approach to personal growth and transformation and we recognize the potential of combining the profound insights gained from macro doses with the gentle integration offered by microdosing.

Implementing a microdosing protocol for 1 to 2 months after an ETI macrodosing experience can effectively sustain an open gateway to perception, allowing for easier access to emotional landscapes. Participants have reported enhanced self-awareness, improved emotional resilience, and a deeper connection to their inner selves and the world around them.


We are proud to collaborate with Microdosing Institute, our valued partner in this journey of self-discovery.


A powerful way to explore your inner selves

The ETI method uses stacking dolls, to create a constellation that represents different parts of yourself, or inner selves. This is done before the therapeutic psychedelic journey, based on the current position of your inner selves. By positioning the dolls to represent your current inner selves, you can gain insight into your current state of being and identify areas where you may want to focus your journey.

The ETI method is rooted in the philosophy of working with constellations and the different parts of ourselves, including our inner child parts, to gain greater insight into our patterns of thoughts and behaviors, achieve balance and healing. This approach is particularly relevant during a psychedelic journey, as these diverse aspects of ourselves may surface in unique ways, providing an opportunity to develop greater self-understanding and cultivate compassion. Through our work with these parts of ourselves, we can learn to navigate our inner world more effectively, leading to lasting transformation and growth.

After the journey, we revisit the constellation to see how it may have changed with the newly found insights and shifts in values. This is a crucial part of the integration process, which involves reflecting on the experience and figuring out how to apply the insights and changes to our daily life. Through this process, we can develop a greater understanding and compassion towards our inner selves, including the parts of ourselves that we may have been suppressing or avoiding.

Overall, the ETI method is a powerful way to explore our inner selves and gain insight and healing through a therapeutic psychedelic journey.

ETI Method

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