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Small groups

3-day small

group retreat

A deeper connection to the beginning of your story

Transformational change

We guide you through the process of self exploration, combining ancient wisdom with modern day research findings

Our 3-day retreat in Amsterdam

This 3-day retreat for small groups is designed for individuals who want to receive a genuinely transformative exploration of the inner psyche in the presence and support of therapists and a small community of participants.

Are you curious about how psychedelics might support you in connecting to deeper levels of consciousness that contribute to new insights and ignite creativity? Are you curious for deeper connections with yourself and others? Are you stuck in rigid thinking patterns? Do you feel you want to find a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your life?



We receive and review your application request. We will contact you to schedule a screening/intake. We will also send you some questionnaires and forms to complete the step in the process.

60 minutes + indirect time



Screening & intake

After this, you will meet with Hans and/or Jeanine, psychiatrist and clinical psychologist to determine if this program is right for you.

60 minutes



Preparation day

During the preparatory day, the emphasis will be on preparing mentally and emotionally for the psychedelic experience. You can explain more about your symptoms, goals, background, important themes and intentions for the psychedelic journey. And you will actively engage in learning about 'feeling' your issues.

ca 300 minutes

On site


Preparatory therapy continued

You will be introduced to experiential techniques such as breath work, mindfulness and emotion focusing techniques. You'll also discuss practical preparations for the psychedelic journey and we will deepen the intentional work with you.

ca 360 minutes

On site


Psilocybin journey with truffels 

Truffle journey, approximately 4 - 6 hours.

At about 9:30 AM you will arrive in our meditative space. Hans and Jeanine will prepare with you a final exploration. After this, you will consume the truffles containing psilocybin and start the psychedelic journey.

The day usually ends around 5:00 PM. We will share food and first impressions.

You will be invited with expressive - and art therapy techniques to express feelings.

ca 6 - 8 hrs

On site


Integration therapy

The day after your journey, it's time for the integration therapy day with Jeanine and Hans. During this day we work with techniques from internal family systems, schema focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and also systemic work, in order to integrate your insights on different levels. For embodiment, we use breath work techniques. And you will be given an integration workbook.

60 minutes + indirect time

On site


Virtual integration continued

Jeanine and Hans will contact you online, 2 weeks after your program. You will discuss the effects of the psychedelic journey and focus on implementing your gained insights into daily life.

60 - 90 minutes


Small group program

Upcoming dates

   26-28 January 2024

   8-10 March 2024

   12-14 April 2024

   17-19 May 2024

   23-25 August 2024

   18-20 October 2024

   13-15 December 2024

What you might experience

New perspectives from a different angle on the same issues that you have struggled with, enabling you to experience a new way of thinking

Increased self awareness and self-love, which can result in a renewed sense of being and belonging

Processing of childhood memories that have impacted your life, allowing you to shine a new light on feelings of vulnerability, internalized shame or guilt and increase self-acceptance

The ability to feel a deep and profound sense of connection to yourself (or the different parts of you), to others and to the environment, which encourages you to keep your heart open and develop stronger relationships with others

Emotional release; positively altering your emotional process in two ways: increasing your ability to be in direct contact with the present moment and enhancing experiences of positive emotions enabling you to experience a new way of thinking

Structural neural plasticity (the brain’s ability to make new connections) has been understood to provide some of the greatest benefits, which can lead to an overall increase in the adoption of new behaviors and positive habits


Start strengthening yourself and

your relationships today

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Start strengthening yourself

and your relationships today

How does it work?

Our groups are small and exclusive with like-minded people going throug a similar process. We use a step-by-step approach to the use of psychedelics in combination with tailored interventions, to gain the maximum benefit from the program. This includes preparatory sessions and integrative therapy sessions, using modalities such as IFS, Psychotherapy, Expressive- and Art Therapy, Psychodrama and more.


The group program is about 21 hours in total, consisting of in-depth interventions combined with a psychedelic session.

It opens your heart for connection and vulnerability. 

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